About Us

History, thought and mission

In 2002, “La Corte degli Eventi” started as a branch of the “Montineri Noleggio Materiali”. “La Corte degli Eventi” is one of the major companies of Catering and Banqueting in Rome. It brights in quality, reliability, accuracy and a continuous challenge in finding new and updated solutions, in order to achieve a full satisfaction of its clients.

“La Corte degli Eventi” is always able to offer you the most appropriate frame for your events choosing among exlusive venues and prestigious historical residences.

The achievement of our goal and best results is also obtained thanks to our Chefs, absolute masters of “haute cuisine”, able to prepare every menu with accuracy and skills.

Tartine tables, main courses and amazing diversity of desserts and wedding cakes... all this will ideally offer to our clients an exceptional journey through colours, shapes, tastes and fragrances to satisfy all your senses.